We, Hermes Clues, are a professional manufacturer of foam products. We have a very strong R&D team to develop new products and customized products in the field of sports, fitness equipment, foam toys, foam furniture & health care.


We cooperate with different material manufacturers to make various kinds of fitness products to meet the market and customer needs.

We have strict quality control process and provide excellent after-sales services. We always offer reasonable prices, stable quality, and deliver goods on time to our customers. To make our customers satisfied is our goal.


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Name Appearance Main Component Main Application Characteristics
Water-based PU adhesive Milky White, viscous liquid Polyurethane dispersion For bonding to EVA, leathers, nylon, phylon, PU, PVC, rubbers, and etc. Meeting environmental protection requirement, possessing high solid content and good initial bonding strength, and suitable for spray application.
Water-based RB primer Pink transparent liquid Acetone, Water 6006AB is a W/B RB primer as used for rubber (roughing or water cleaning).
  1. Good performance.
  2. Good chemical adhesion.
  3. Low toxicity
Water-based chloroprene rubber adhesive Milky white ~ pale yellow emulsion Compound Latex For TPR materials and counter dipping. Toluene free and good bonding strength.
Water-based Vulcanized adhesive Milky White, viscous liquid Natural rubber Suitable for canvas, leather, synthetic leather materials, and upper, outsole, foxing tape of vulcanized shoes.
  1. Good yellowing and bonding strength
  2. Long tack time
  3. Low irritating odor


Name Appearance Main Component Main Application Characteristics
PU adhesive Colorless, semi-transparent, viscous liquid Polyurethane For bonding to leathers, nylons, PVC, PU, rubbers, TPR, and etc. Especially suitable for high pressured hose manufacturing. Long tack retention time.
PU/PVC primer Colorless transparent liquid Synthetic resins For surface-treating of PU and PVC (for PU adhesives) Excellent priming effect.
Strong bondingadhesive Light yellow, viscous liquid Chloroprene rubber For bonding to ceramics, clothes, glasses, leathers, metals, mortars, plastics, rubbers, and woods, and etc. Resistant to water, weather and bending. Good bonding strength.
Strong bonding adhesive Light yellow transparent viscous liquid Graft chloroprene rubber GE 393A is a grafted polychloroprene adhesion of rubber, PVC, EVA etc.
  1. Resistant to water and weather
  2. Good bonding strength
  3. Good for brushing
  4. Heat-resistance